St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Henderson Nevada

Diocese of Nevada

Bishop of Nevada

Bishop Dan Edwards

Rt. Rev Dan Thomas Edwards

Welcome to the Episcopal Church in Nevada. I hope you will spend some time with us, share your spirituality, and gather with us for worship, study, prayer, service, and friendship. We may learn from each other and grow together.

My story: I tried a lot of different paths – some Christian, some not – before discovering the Episcopal Church when I was about 30. I didn’t understand it and was pretty sure I didn’t believe the things I assumed Episcopalians believed. But I just felt something in their peculiar way of worship – something I didn’t understand but knew it deserved my attention. So I gave it a try. I said their prayers and sang their songs. Right away, I liked most of the people. Even the ones I didn’t like so much seemed glad I was there. Now, over three decades later, we are still together. These people have stood by me in my troubled times. They have celebrated my joys with me. I have been with them at their baptisms, their marriages, and their funerals. We have shared a life. I can say from experience, a shared life is a richer life. A shared spiritual life is deeper spiritual life.

The heart of this community isn’t found in doctrines or how we organize ourselves. It’s a spiritual thing. I came here looking for God. I thought church was something I would just have to put up with along the way. Sometimes it has felt that way. But the truth is, I have come to love this motley crew. They have been the human channel of God’s grace to me over and over, though I have only recognized it in my better moments.

One of our wisest Archbishops of Canterbury said the special thing about our church its “thoughtful holiness.” By holiness, he means a love of the deep down nature of things, the spirit of life, the divine energy that keeps the world turning despite our best efforts to wreck it. When he says we are “thoughtful,” he means we doubt, we question, we ponder and reflect. It isn’t all thinking. There is a feeling tone in our religion. But it is often softly spoken. Our religious feeling and our religious thinking go together. We think and feel at the same time.

We pray together in the ancient ways — the same prayers others are saying around the world, the same prayers that have been said for hundreds of years and will be said by people yet unborn. These prayers lead us to Jesus who shows us God. We do not pretend to have all the answers. We are still coming up with more questions. But praying together and struggling together for a better understanding of God enriches our lives. We believe our prayer and our struggle pleases God.

Each of our congregations has its own distinct personality. If you are near several of our churches, you may want visit around. Some are more formal; some, more casual. Some have active charity ministries; others do more advocacy for social justice. But all of them love God and all of them welcome new people. They will be glad to see you. If you want to ask questions first, e-mail me. I’d be happy to hear from you. I also invite you to my blog,

Bishop Dan Edwards

Come and Visit!

All Are Welcome to visit our church near downtown historic Henderson Nevada

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43 W. Pacific Avenue
Henderson NV 89015

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